Thursday, July 26, 2012

Uchiko In Austin Is To Swoon For.... A Review

We recently went to Austin to visit our daughter while she was in Austin doing a coveted law school internship. Since we always try to make plans for only upper end dining when out of town, she suggested that we make *rezzies* (her word) at the spin-off of Uchi, the smoking hot place to be, Uchiko. We jumped at the chance and dined there on Saturday night. What a magical night it was!

After visiting our daughter several times during her California Experience, we totally fell for the eateries with *open kitchens*. So, I was thrilled to see that Uchiko had an *open kitchen* concept. That's right. We don't get out much. I should also admit right here that I'm not a huge sushi fan unless I'm at Katsuya in West Hollywood in LaLa Land or now, Austin's Uchiko. Frankly, just the thought of eating excellent sushi in West Texas (The Permian Basin) just makes me howl with laughter or seriously want to hurl.

Although we had perused the menu on line before our dinner, we had a server who was so knowledgeable and well-spoken, that we followed her advice without question. Admittedly, our daughter has a friend (one of my faves - who also has a degree in English from NYU... I'm sure he's also writing the Great American Novel in his spare time) who is *in training* for wait service at this point, at Uchiko. Therefore, he wasn't able to be our server that night. Bummer. Luckily, he steered us to the right server and everything just unfolded from there.

I'm pretty sure I'd have to have my master's degree in something just to tell you what we ate. Yes, it was that indescribable. Speaking Japanese would help just in case you happen to have that in your resume. Naturally, I embarrassed the whole family by taking pictures of each and every dish (I think.). There were so many coming to us in succession that it was mind boggling. However, we never once felt as if we were being rushed. They never interrupted us or hovered too much, which are pet peeves of mine. The service, the food, the saki. It was all an experience rather than just being a meal. Something worth lingering over.

I truly give Uchiko my highest recommendation for any restaurant ever, but it does come at a price. I could have gotten a new Louis Vuitton bag instead, but I definitely preferred the enchanting dining experience with my family. The freshness of the food as well as the presentation were dazzling. Seriously.

Since this relatively new Austin restaurant is currently so hot, you must book rezzies way ahead of time. I can assure you that every single server can determine what would be best for those dining at your table after asking a few pertinent questions. It's why they hire only the best, top rated staff in Austin which is what makes it so unique.

All of the best restaurants in Austin hire nothing but the brightest but Uchiko has the cream of the crop. Do not pass up the opportunity to dine there, if given the chance. You can thank me later. Expect to pay at least $500.00 for a party of 3. It's worth every penny....