Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Lobster Restaurant in Santa Monica, California... A Review!

Mr. Snoots and I just returned from a week in Santa Monica, California and visiting our daughter, who works in the movie industry. Our first night in town we had reservations at The Lobster and I'd just like to say that we were all thrilled with our meals. We were even thrilled with our seemingly hallucination inducing martinis. I thought I saw Helen Mirren and Huey Lewis, although neither celebrity sighting panned out. Martinis + aging is never an attractive combination. However, I must admit that it did keep the dinner conversation interesting.
Our dinner at The Lobster was quite lovely and I would highly recommend it to anyone who plans to go to SM.

During our visit, we invited our daughter's roommate along to The Lobster, which made for great company. We all ordered their Caesar Salad, then she ordered the Lobster & Manila Clam Chowder with applewood smoked bacon and fresh thyme. The daughter and hubby each ordered the whole steamed lobsters, which they were totally happy with. I chose the lobster tail special, which I forgot to take pictures of, given that I had a second martini and was seeing stars. I'm fairly sure that it was divine, from what I can remember.

 The unfortunate side was that I hate when a meal is rushed and this meal was rushed. Clearly and unabashedly. However, seeing that I'm the only person within my realm that eats slowly and enjoys dinner conversation, they were able to whisk my unfinished plate of food away before I was able to protest. (Yes, it was probably the slow reaction after 2 martinis.)

Did I raise a  generation of children who scarf their food without witty table conversation or what? No. I believe my husband is responsible for that travesty. A stranger would surely think they had all been raised in prison, where one needs to eat within a matter of moments. Not me. I prefer to take my time. Clearly, I've been accustomed to eating cold food for years. I'm a Mom. I should be living in Spain or some place more suited to my lifestyle.

However, I live among heathens... I'm just saying.