Monday, November 21, 2011

FIVE SIXTY By Wolfgang Puck, Atop Dallas' Reunion Tower..... A Review

Wow! That's the only way to begin describing Wolfgang's Dallas, Texas venture, FIVE SIXTY. Forget the fact that you receive a 360 degree view of the Dallas Metroplex within an hour of dining. That's just a perk. The real star is the the food and then, the service.

Of course, one must prepare to call two months ahead of time to secure a reservation at a decent hour. What can I say? The place is sizzling hot at the moment and has been for the last year or so.

Sadly, we only called a month ahead of time and could only get a reservation for 6:30 PM. At that time, I'm still normally doing the day's *unwind* and not yet ready to dine. But, dine we did, and it actually turned out to be the perfect time. We were afforded a spectacular view as well as the sunset, then the city at night. It turned out to be a total event and we loved it.

We live in West Texas so we mostly have chain restaurants, with a few select eateries (locally owned), in which to find superb dining. In other words, it's slim pickings in these parts. So, when we travel to visit our daughter (who is in law school @ SMU), or to any large city, we focus our trips around our daughter and/or divine cuisine. We've had our share of hits-and-misses as well as some delightful surprises. FIVE SIXTY was one of those special surprises.

We began our meal with little miso cones filled with tuna tartare, which was incredibly good. Next, the kitchen sent out a plate of fried green beans (for free), which were to die for. For our third appetizer we had little pork belly filled dumplings that we had to fight over. They were that good.

Mr. Snooty ordered the lobster special (which looked divine), our daughter had the wok fried whole sea bass, and I had the beef filet mignon "au poivre". Let me just say that there were no leftovers after this dinner. We were so satisfied that we didn't even order dessert.

Five Sixty is a restaurant you go to for a *dining experience*, which is far more than just eating a meal. The wait staff were wonderful and all were very well trained. The views were magnificent and we can't wait to back the next time we trek up to Dallas to see our daughter.......