Monday, October 19, 2009

Wolfgang Puck's Chinois on Main in Santa Monica... Yes, Another Review

While still on our trip to Santa Monica, we had the great pleasure of having a really excellent dinner at this little gem of a restaurant. They serve Asian Fusion cuisine, which we are totally crazy about. The wait staff is quick and attentive. The drinks were perfect. And, the food! The food was divine.

This place really is bustling and packs in the patrons, local or otherwise. Amazingly, this restaurant has made it successfully for the last 25 years, which I think is a record in most places, even L.A. It's located on Main Street, which is another trendy, upscale area of Santa Monica.

So, we started our dining adventure with an appetizer of Moo Shu Shells with Pork Belly & Hoisin Oolong Tea Sauce, served with julienne vegetables. It was my first time to try anything pork belly, but I adored it. The flavor is incredibly good.

Next, we tried their Soft Shell Crab served with fried spinach and a lovely cilantro sauce. Now, we are huge fans of soft shell crab, which of course, makes us very critical about how it's served. I have to tell you that we enjoyed it more at Chinois than any place we've ever had it, which is a lot of places. It was light and crispy and the sauce is simply amazing.

Mr. Snoots and I both had the Shanghai Lobster, which was cooked to perfection. I can't possibly describe the taste, but the flavors were fabulous and I won't soon forget that delicious lobster.

Our daughter chose to have the Grilled Szechuan Beef with spicy shallot cilantro sauce and she loved it. She said the beef was cooked precisely to her liking and the sauce had just enough kick to make it interesting and not overpowering.

Unfortunately, our daughter had to dash off to a party, so we didn't get to indulge in dessert. It's just as well since we were already comfortably stuffed. Had we eaten anything more I'm afraid it would have uncomfortably over stuffed. However, we all agreed that Chinois was a fantastic dining experience and we highly recommend it to anyone who likes Asian Fusion.