Saturday, July 30, 2011

Thinly Sliced Beef Tenderloin Atop A Bed Of Pasta Primavera.... Perfect Simplicity

Last week I realized that I hadn't made Pasta Primavera in quite some time, so I got with it. If you're trying to get in the recommended 5-7 servings of fruits and/or veggies, this is your vehicle to success. Make enough and you have at least one more night's dinner and several lunches as well. It's a total *win win* deal.

I had leftover beef tenderloin as well as leftover buffalo steaks, so I simply used them instead of having to cook fresh steaks. I also wanted them cold and sliced as thinly as possible. Hello.

Normally, I would make dressing from scratch but we've been having pipes replaced in the midst of our current kitchen plumbing problems. Oy me! So, I simply used a store-bought Balsamic Vinaigrette, which substituted quite well under the circumstances. Here's how I worked it:

Thinly Sliced Beef Tenderloin Atop A Bed Of Pasta Primavera:


2 cups Rotini pasta, plain & cooked al dente
2 cups Rotini pasta, mixed & cooked al dente
fresh broccoli, steamed to personal preference

fresh asparagus, steamed to personal preference (however I used leftover sauteed asparagus), chopped
1/2 fresh green bell pepper, chopped

1/2 red bell pepper, chopped

1/2 yellow bell pepper, chopped

1-1/2 cups of cherry tomatoes, chopped (or the equivalent with medium tomatoes)

1 bunch of green onions, thinly sliced

1/2 medium red onion, sliced and chopped

2 stalks of celery, chopped

1 handful fresh parsley, finely chopped

1 - 4 ounce container of Gorgonzola or Blue Cheese, crumbled


1. Cook pasta according to directions, al dente. Set aside to cool.

2. Chop all veggies or use a food processor to hurry it along. Add to cooled pasta

3. Mix or toss well.

4. Add Blue Cheese. Toss again.

5. Add dressing, toss again, and cover with plastic wrap. Place in fridge for at least 2 hours.

6. Slice beef tenderloin as thinly as possible.

7. Place pasta pleasingly on the plate then add the sliced beef as much like an accordion as possible.

8. Add additional dressing to the top of the beef.


Monday, July 18, 2011

Perry's Steakhouse & Grille, Dallas, Texas.... A Review

During the last trip we took to Dallas to visit our daughter in law school at SMU, we made reservations one night at Perry's and we were so glad we did! Located in the Deep Ellum area of Dallas, Perry's was just a short drive from our hotel, so we were pleased we didn't have to drive a whole lot in Dallas traffic, which makes me crazy anyway.

Upon arrival at Perry's we were greeted and promptly seated at our table, which was located just below the mezzanine where a smooth jazz band played throughout the evening. I. Was. Happy.

We ordered drinks ( I loved my martini) and appetizers, starting out with Escargot in garlic butter and Tuna Tartare. Both dishes were so excellent that I forgot to take a picture!

We decided to skip salads and went on to order our entrees and wine. They have an extensive wine list that is sure to please even the most discerning vintner.

My hubby had the Sea Bass, which he really liked, although he wasn't too crazy about the sticky rice served with it.

I ordered the Grilled Salmon with capers and served with spinach. It was perfection.

Our daughter ordered the Filet Perry and it must have been good because she didn't offer to share even a bite.

Our daughter's roommate ordered their fried shrimp and loved it.

We also ordered two family size sides of Au Gratin Potatoes and Broccolini. There was nothing left of either side.

The food was all cooked to perfection and the wait staff was very attentive, even though they were at times, too attentive.

All in all, it's a fantastic Dallas dining experience that I highly recommend, especially if you like good jazz and tasty cuisine.......